Training Prices

Premium 90 minute Sessions

A premium 90 minute session will include a warm up, a workout, a cool  down, and stretching. Additionally, we will assist you with realisitic goal setting, a body fat composition analysis, diet/nutrition assistance, and a long term plan, all based on your current state and goals. We highly reccomend beginning with premium sessions to start off your workout plan with the most specified information possible. 

Premium 90 minute Session: $100

Six Premium 90 minute Sessions: $570 ($95 per session) 


One Hour Sessions

This will include a warm-up, the workout, a cool down and stretching. 

One Hour Session: $85

Six Hour Sessions: $450 ($75 per session)

Twelve Hour Sessions: $840 ($70 per session)

Twenty Four Hour Sessions: $1560 ($65 per session)


30 minute Sessions

One 30 minute Session: $50

Six 30 minute Sessions: $270 ($45 per session)

Twelve 30 minute Sessions: $480 ($40 per session)