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At Bolder Fitness we believe in addressing fitness from the inside as well as from the outside. To obtain optimum health, the body must be fueled by nutritious food and water at regular intervals to make the most gains in your fitness program. We understand that diet and nutrition can be very confusing and frustrating. Our certified nutritionists can assist you in weeding through the confusion and get you focused on the best nutrition program for your individual needs.  You will maximize your weight loss, maintain your lean muscle mass and make strides in your fitness by allowing us to assist you with your nutritional needs.



We realize that sticking to a “diet” is no fun and certainly not an easy thing to do. At Bolder Fitness, we know that diets just don’t work. We offer a variety of simple plans to our clients to assist them in following a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Food is for fuel and for pleasure! Your body thrives on wholesome foods and clean water. We want to show you that eating healthy can be fun and easy. Just as everyone does not have the same fitness regimes, neither do we believe that there is only one healthy way to approach your nutritional requirements. Let the nutritional counselors assist you in finding a plan that works with you and your lifestyle! Our tailored nutrition plans include some of the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Sport specific nutrition
  • Body building
  • Nutritional maintenance
  • Food delivery programs
“I always felt intimidated at those large health clubs but Bolder Fitness made me feel comfortable and their trainers gave me the confidence to stay consistent and to date I’ve lost 28 lbs!”
-Sonia Erickson, Modern Bride


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